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skbio.stats.ordination.mean_and_std(a, axis=None, weights=None, with_mean=True, with_std=True, ddof=0)[source]#

Compute the weighted average and standard deviation along the specified axis.


Calculate average and standard deviation of these values.

axisint, optional

Axis along which the statistics are computed. The default is to compute them on the flattened array.

weightsarray_like, optional

An array of weights associated with the values in a. Each value in a contributes to the average according to its associated weight. The weights array can either be 1-D (in which case its length must be the size of a along the given axis) or of the same shape as a. If weights=None, then all data in a are assumed to have a weight equal to one.

with_meanbool, optional, defaults to True

Compute average if True.

with_stdbool, optional, defaults to True

Compute standard deviation if True.

ddofint, optional, defaults to 0

It means delta degrees of freedom. Variance is calculated by dividing by n - ddof (where n is the number of elements). By default it computes the maximum likelyhood estimator.

average, std

Return the average and standard deviation along the specified axis. If any of them was not required, returns None instead