scikit-bio is back in active development! Check out our announcement of revitalization.

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New Upcoming scikit-bio workshop at ISMB 2024! The tutorial will introduce the revitalized scikit-bio, with a focus on multi-omic data integration for microbiome research. Tutorial materials will be shared via a public GitHub repository. Welcome to join us!

  • When: 9:00 - 18:00 EDT, July 11, 2024 | Where: Montreal, Canada

ISMB 2024 tutorials


scikit-bio-cookbook: A series of Jupyter Notebooks containing executable “recipes” for bioinformatics workflows using scikit-bio. You can find the table of contents, installation instructions, and other information at:

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An Introduction to Applied Bioinformatics, or IAB: An interactive bioinformatics textbook developed by By Dr. Greg Caporaso and colleagues at NAU.

Available in Jupyter Book, Markdown, and PDF formats, IAB guides readers through the core concepts of bioinformatics with their practical application using Python libraries like scikit-learn and scikit-bio. This approach equips readers with the skills to develop their bioinformatics tools and pipelines, emphasizing rapid project initiation over theoretical depth. Focused on actionable knowledge, IAB prepares readers for effective roles in the bioinformatics field.

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