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Metadata (skbio.metadata)#

This module provides functionality for storing and working with metadata – the data that describes other data. While a typical data table (see skbio.table) stores the measurements of features in samples, metadata provides information about the samples or features themselves. Examples of metadata include experimental grouping, demographic and clinical properties of subjects, functional categories of genes and metabolites, etc.

Sample metadata#

SampleMetadata(dataframe[, ...])

Store metadata associated with identifiers in a study.

Metadata columns#

MetadataColumn(series[, missing_scheme])

Abstract base class representing a single metadata column.

NumericMetadataColumn(series[, missing_scheme])

A single metadata column containing numeric data.

CategoricalMetadataColumn(series[, ...])

A single metadata column containing categorical data.

Interval metadata#

Interval(interval_metadata, bounds[, fuzzy, ...])

Stores the bounds and metadata of an interval feature.

IntervalMetadata(upper_bound[, copy_from])

Stores the interval features.